Gastro Pub Lilium, Arrecife

For three years now Orlando Ortega is running the nice Gastropub Lilium, first in T├şas and now in Arrecife. The well done mixture of bar and restaurant, where you can try the delicious Canarian cuisine in a special atmosphere, convinces residents and tourists alike.

Orlando, who worked for some time in the restaurant El Bulli of Ferran Adria, recognized over several years as the best cook in the world, fulfilled himself with the opening of the Gastropub Lilium a personal initiative: a mixture of a comfortable bar where you can have a nice dinner, and a first class restaurant with a special atmosphere. And right from the beginning after entering Lilium you notice the little difference and a lot of small details show the perfection and creativity of Orlando.

Very special is for example the well chosen and exquisite selection of wine, which is not offered as usual in a list, but in a special exhibition area where you can see everything on offer. For the open bottles of wine on offer there is a special nitrogen-station, which maintains perfectly the taste and texture of each wine. Apart from the menu you will find in Lilium a list of daily fresh specialities that are listed on a special board together with the prices. And in the menu you find a creative Canarian cuisine full of surprises.

Croquettes made of gofio or banana acompany perfectly a beer at the bar, and that is only one example for the original snacks you can find here. If you chose a table in the restaurant area you can decide between different starters, salads, fresh fish or meat dishes, that are all made with the freshest Canarian produce available and they surprise you with their interesting and original way of preparation. In search for new flavours Orlando started offering blind-folded tasting events, where the guests get the opportunity to taste different dishes without seeing them so that they can concentrate on the different new flavours. Cooperation with some of the bodegas of the island completes the culinary offer.

In some special cupboards of the Lilium you will find culinary delicacies that normally are very difficult to find on the island. Orlando likes to speak about recipes and ways of cooking and often he gets into conversations with his clients who ask for the ways of preparation and the ingredients of his plates. To make it easier to try some of his recipes at home Orlando not only explains his tricks, he also offers some special ingredients for sale: a very nice and open way of running unique gastronomy.