Rancho Texas Park, Puerto del Carmen

In Puerto del Carmen you will find the biggest recreational park of Lanzarote and during a visit you can expect to see a variety of shows as well as an impressive range of different types of animals over a large area. This well designed and beautifully kept site invites you to stay the whole day and if you return in the evening you can also have a lot of fun.

The main attractions of the more than 50.000 square metre park are for sure the three different animal shows. In the birds of prey show you can see eagles from north America, big vultures and a lot of other birds in a flying display that gives you the unique opportunity to see these animals as close as never before. During the 20 minute show the impressive birds will fly right over your head and you will also see how they hunt and fish.

During the sea lions show in the big open air pool you will see different acrobatic tricks of these friendly animals. Rings are collected in the water, big jumps are performed and everybody gets the opportunity to see the sea lions face to face and make some great photos with them.

The funny highlight of the shows, and especially popular among children, is the Parrots and cockatoos show that you can see in the restaurant of the park. The colourful parrots show their intelligence resolving complicated mathematical tasks and also their ability to do a lot of human things like driving cars, playing basket ball, riding bicycles or on roller skates. Every task is solved by the birds with great skill and to the great delight of the crowd.

But the shows are only a small part of all the things that Rancho Texas Park has to offer. More then 50 different species of animals in authentic habitats can be seen. In the opera house you will hear the constant chorus of songbirds, in the liliput-park kids can see a lot of small animals such as baby goats or small rabbits, American bison with their extraordinary physique impress everybody, in the gold mine the little ones can search for treasures, and in the many Indian tipis that you’ll find all around the park you are welcome to relax a little between the different attractions. Two white tigers and a wide area with pumas are among other highlights of the visit. Between the visits you can dine and get refreshments at the parks own restaurant.

Next to the entertainment aspect, the park also tries to spread a message among the visitors: respect for nature and the animals. The mixture of the Lanzarote natural landscape and north American animals creates an international context that tries to show the importance of nature and a respectful handling of the animals, and this natural aspect is a high valued addition to the offer the island has to tourists.

At night the whole park becomes a fantastic Wild-West show and while enjoying the barbecue and free drinks you will see a great show with live country music. Take part in the Square Dance and you’re guaranteed to have fun!

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