Emporium, Teguise

For over 10 years now the shop Emporium in Teguise is the first point of call for anyone who is interested in decorative and exquisite items from China, India and Tibet. From furniture to jewellery, painting equipment or accessories for your home you will find there a wide variety of items at extremely attractive prices.

The building alone where the Emporium is housed is in itself worth a visit. The old movie cinema, one of the largest halls in the ancient capital of the island, was converted by Indigo Bucher with good taste and an even better eye for exquisite items into a shop that is unique especially for an island like Lanzarote. Some are surprised at first glance to find such a huge and varied collection of Oriental items on such a small island but quality and beauty are values highly respected all over the world.

Starting with the importation of furniture Emporium developed over the years into a real treasure trove of items. Lamps, carpets, tables and decorative pieces, minerals, stones and fabrics, dragons made of wood, stone or paper, painting equipment from brushes to ink or paper, scarves, blankets and porcelain, a visit to the large shop is a pleasure with all the different and beautiful things that you sometimes only discover on second glance. On journeys to China, India or Tibet Indigo Bucher looks personally for the items that his clients might like and the direct sale and transport of all items result in very attractive prices. In the shop you will find antiques as well as reproductions and Emporium also works as a wholesaler for other shops on the Canary Islands.

Over the years more and more tourists have discovered the Emporium and have bought, among other things, large decorative furniture. Therefore the shop has contact with international transport companies that offer transportation to England, France or Germany at very affordable prices. This way a lot of Chinese furniture or carpets have found their way into central Europe via Lanzarote.

Almost everyone who comes to Lanzarote visits Teguise and therefore it is quite easy to visit Emporium and to have a look at the amazing items on offer. If you meet the owner Indigo in the shop you can enquire about any piece for sale, its origin and how he found it. Often that leads to a very interesting story.