Gran Casino de Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen

The word casino evokes in many people a lot of emotions. Images from great movies, a classy ambience and great expectations of a night full of excitement are connected with a visit to a casino. All that and more you can find in the Gran Casino Lanzarote.

The modern and up to date leisure centre right in the heart of the promenade of Puerto del Carmen offers in its huge facilities all the classic games of a casino, roulette, Black Jack and Poker. Additionally you will find a large hall with slot machines, a high class restaurant and on the roof a terrace that offers spectacular sea views to its guests.

The casino is situated in a tourist area where the rules are less strict than in other big international casinos. Everybody over 18 can enter and enjoy the colours, sounds and emotions of gambling. Even if you are not playing you can have a great night in the casino, watching the players placing their bets, enjoy a delicious dinner or relax on the roof terrace. If you like to play you can experience the adventure of a casino visit to the full, with a minimum of 2 Euros the great wide world of the casinos opens its doors.

Those who don’t know the exact rules of the different games can always ask a member of the professional staff who will answer any question and explain the basic rules. Playing roulette or Black Jack is very easy to learn and you can try the first steps immediately. With poker it is advisable to learn a little more before sharing a table with the professionals because this game needs a lot of experience and finesse. Regularly the Gran Casino organizes Poker competitions due to the growing popularity of this game. Everybody who has had the chance to watch a poker game understands the fascination of this card game.

The grand hall of the casino with the large green playing tables is open at night, but the rest of the facilities can be visited during the whole day. From 10 o’clock in the morning until 4 in the morning you can enjoy playing. In the slot machine hall you can try your luck with only 2 cents and win about 2000 times your bet. Additionally you can also play Bingo, a game that is very popular in England and Spain.

The restaurant Fortuna offers a creative cuisine with traditional elements; on the roof terrace you can try small dishes and a large variety of cocktails. You have to present your passport to access all areas of the casino except the roof terrace.