Gallery Paco Curbelo and Rufina Santana, San Bartolomé

Lanzarote is an island that attracts artists who have generated a lot of works of art. On this magic island in many of the villages, you will find workshops and galleries where art and handicrafts are produced. A large number of these artists have followed in the footsteps of CĂ©sar Manrique and some of them have made a name for themselves in Spain and Europe.

Two such people are Paco Curbelo and Rufina Santana who like to open the doors of their workshop and gallery to the public. Rufina Santana is well known for her paintings and her international collaboration with other well known artists. Born in Gran Canaria she is the founder of the "Escuela del Sol" a multi-dimensional experience to promote art, science and spirituality. She works with the image of art and nature and in her creations you can see how she has been influenced by her chosen home, Lanzarote.

Local artist Paco Curbelo is a sculptor and many of his creations can be found all over the island, for example the big stone sculpture "Homenaje a la vela" which is on the roundabout in Puerto Calero or another which is in the harbour in Arrecife which depicts fishermen and is called "Levando redes". He works in wood, marble or basalt showing respect for the materials which are used, to create moving forms of waves and the sea. The sculptures made by Paco are homage to movement of wind and space. As a teacher in the Pancho Lasso art school in Arrecife, he shares his experience with his pupils and in doing so he ensures that art will be a part of Lanzarote in the future.

In their gallery in San Bartolomé, close to the Monumento al Campesino, both of them work and show their paintings and sculptures as well as glass objects, ceramic, fabrics, books and papers, all done with their exclusive touch, always producing works of the very highest standard. Here the visitor has an opportunity to enjoy art in a wonderfully atmospheric setting, and having personal attention whilst you drink a cup of tea or coffee. All works shown are for sale at affordable prices.