Arte de Lava, Playa Blanca

There are many shops that offer pieces of art for sale. But only a small number of them really see art as a basic part of their whole philosophy. In Arte de Lava in Playa Blanca you will find one of these positive exceptions. Here art is combined with passion and every work of art offered has its own history.

Arte de Lava is the shop of Giorgio Orefice, an Italian artist who fell in love with Lanzarote. Here you find only works of art that have touched Giorgio in a personal way. The most important part of Arte de Lava is for sure the classic oil paintings that you can find in many styles and different motives. Arte de Lava works with a special gallery that offers exclusive works of experienced Italian artists. The great technique, as well as the mastery of the impressive paintings, demonstrates that experience and you will be surprised at the interesting prices for them.

During a journey to the Sahara Giorgio Orefice got in contact with a local family that produces wonderful, handmade tuareg-silver-jewellery. The family works in the old traditional way of the country and every single piece of jewellery has a meaning and is a unique piece of art. “I like the artistic design of the jewellery as well as the idea to help to maintain this old and traditional way of artistic craftsmanship of the Sahara. Every piece of jewellery is unique and has its history“, tells Giorgio. And although there are many hours of work in the pieces of jewellery the prices are comparative with the mass production pieces, making them even more attractive.

The personal aspect of art is very important in Arte de Lava. Only pieces of art that Giorgio recommends are offered in his shop. And the list of products reaches from paintings to jewellery to morocco wood works up to little pieces of art made of lava, the origin of the shops name. The curiosity to learn something new has led Giorgio into the history of the original population of Lanzarote and many of their historic symbols decorate today stones and pieces of lava from the island. In this way past and present are combined. Everybody who spends some time in the shop can learn a lot of detail about each and every piece of art by speaking with Giorgio.

Art is filled with life if you know its history, production and meaning. Arte de Lava is a perfect place to see art from many different regions and with very different meanings. At the same time you can share the passion for art that Giorgio implies in his shop. Visit this special shop and take your time to get to know the art that is on offer.