Submarine Safaris, Puerto Calero

For anyone who has always wanted to see the magnificent underwater world, here in Lanzarote you will find the unique possibility to dive with a submarine into the watery landscape of this volcanic island. In the harbour of Puerto Calero, the modern submarine Sub Fun Tres with its 48 seats offers a special experience.

Since 1997 the company Submarine Safari SL has taken people on underwater excursions along the coast, starting in the exclusive marina. If you drive down the road to the harbour you will find the office on the left hand side, where you can book your tour or buy some special souvenirs. This is also the meeting point for all the passengers before they start their journey into, for many totally unknown, the underwater world of the island. Before starting the trip, each group of passengers gets some special security advice for the tour, similar to the security advice on planes, which makes it clear that this excursion is not only another leisure activity, but a high tech trip with a state of the art submarine that can dive up to 60 metres.

Instead of security belts and emergency exits, the security video explains the use of swimming vests and the oxygen masks on board. Also you will be told that the 3.5 million dollar and 106 ton submarine is technically equipped with everything that the passengers need to feel totally safe and secure. Inside the submarine a system automatically regulates the air pressure, so that it is safe even for pregnant women or people with heart or respiratory difficulties to enjoy the tour. Children under two years of age cannot be allowed because of health security reasons.

After seeing the informative video, the passengers walk along a promenade to the Sub Fun Tres. Once you see the bright yellow submarine, 18 metres long and 4 metres wide, you will know for sure that this excursion will be a real underwater adventure. Before entering the submarine, some photos will be taken and then the trip into the waters between Puerto Calero and Playa Quemada begins. In addition to the 80 centimetre porthole for each passenger, which allows you to take photos of the world that is in the sea, everybody has a monitor that gives continuous information about the depth and the direction of the sub. You can also see on the monitor how the boat dives into the Atlantic Ocean.

Once you are under the sea, you will see the first inquisitive fish pass by the window. On board a guide gives information in three languages explaining the variety of fish that there is to see, and there is a lot to see: the whole spectrum of the local underwater fauna from cherne to mero, vieja to barracudas. With a bit of luck you may see a manta ray or a ball fish - but you have to watch the sea bed very closely to see these. The excursion passes the harbour, a sunken boat and then goes down to a 35 metre deep spot where a diver feeds the fish in front of the passengers windows, the variety that you can see is amazing.

After a little rest under the sea, the boat turns and goes back to the harbour so that you can see all the interesting things on this wonderful journey from the other side of the boat. Before reaching the harbour, the classic Beatles tune "Yellow submarine" is played inviting you to sing along. After 60 minutes the Sub Fun Tres reaches Puerto Calero again and the passengers can get their dive certificates from the tour office. There you can also find the photos taken at the beginning of the trip.

The submarine excursions go several times a day and it is recommended that you book at least one day in advance. A special shuttle bus connects Puerto Calero with the main tourist areas of Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.

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